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Friday, April 19, 2013

Workshop Kits!

Preparations Under Way For Art & SOul 2013

The kits are almost completed!  When getting ready for a teaching venue there is much excitement around our house.  The cats don't see me for hours at a time, I lose track of time and dinner might be an ice cream from the local Ben and Scooters stand.

Each and every time I prepare for a retreat, I get butterflies and lots of adrenalin!  While I print the handouts and double check the list, it is hard for me not to think ahead and visualize my potential students.  Some folks I know, but some will become new friends.  How exciting indeed : )

I look forward this year, to teaching with one of my workshops with an artist friend, who I actually met last year at Art & SOul.

I look forward to making the drive this year with another art gal friend who I also met last year at Art & SOul.

I look forward to meeting up with many other students and instructors, whom I had not seen since last year's retreat.  It is amazing how time flies though and it seems like yesterday since I was with them all at Art & SOul. 



Cat Kerr said...

Very Exciting Art Sis!! xoxox

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