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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Sister Ornament Sharing For The Holidays

Handmade From The HeArt Ornaments

This year, Cat Kerr organized a holiday ornament sharing event between art friends.  Some of us had not ever met face to face, prior to this fall.  In fact, Cat and I first met across the miles through email, while collaborating on a Belle Armoire Magazine article earlier in the year.  Finally, this October we met for the first time at the Art Is You Retreats in Stamford, CT.  How truly special and what fun it was.....

Apologies for not sharing sooner, but here are ornaments from the artists who participated.  They are so beautiful, each and every one!  I love how they hang sentimentally on my tree in the studio.  They shall stay there all year round.  

Happy Holidays to all my art sisters!

Cat Kerr

Lynne Suprock (moi)

Jodi Ohl

Kecia Deveney

Leslie Venable

Nellie Wortman

Nancy Maxwell

Taryn Reece


Cat Kerr said...

So gosh darn thankful for you all!! xoxoxo

Nellie Wortman said...

So blessed to be part of this amazing group of artist! xo

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