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Friday, January 26, 2018

How To Alter A Tunic Using Gel Press: Art Project Tutorial 12

How To Alter A Tunic Using Gel Press: Art Project Tutoiral 12

By Lynne Suprock

I have sewn clothes for many years.  I was 4 when I first had the chance to use my mother's machine.  In high school, I sewed my own clothes and when our son was born, I began to sew his as well.  Along the way there were always doll clothes sewn.  lol I still sew them!

For this art share, I chose a tunic, which was less than flattering, when worn.  I really did not like the mustard color without a pattern, and it was huge..  Let's see how to fix it!

Step one:  take a deep breath and say.....I don't like it anyway, so nothing I do to this piece is going to make it worse...... lol.

Step two:  Look for other fabrics to incorporate as change. I had a vintage tablecloth that worked splendiferously. Why not?

Step three:  Cut that tablecloth to make a ginormous ruffle.  I made 4 strips about a 12" wide by 180" long.  Then I pinned and sewed the ruffle for each of the four strips, then sewed all the strips together.

Step four:  OKay, seam rip the neck seams and get out the scissors.  (SHARP scissors.)  I used my Fiskars scissors and just started cutting.  First, I made the armholes larger and more like for a jumper.  Then, I cut removed the binding and cut out the neckline a bit more.  At this point, I am not completely sure what the end plan will be!  SEW excited though!!


Step five:  Next I had to fold under, iron and sew the parts that I just cut.  Starting to feel real.

Step six:  Here is where I thought I should stop cutting and sewing, and look at making all the mustard yellow mellow a bit.  I decided to get out my mega Gel Press, with which I am having a love affair at the moment.  I found a ballerina image that I love, so I inkjet printed it onto a transparency film.  This is a smart move (pat on the back move here) because when I am finished transferring, I can use the transparency again!  So, sorry about not having an image here.  Accidentally ......lost..... but all I did was place the ink side of the image on the transparency onto the Gel Press and rub. Lift the transparency. Then place the front and right side of the jumper onto the Gel Press and smooth the material with your fingers.  Lift the fabric and voila!  Oh, and voila does not even describe the excitement involved here in this step!

Step seven:  Grab another smaller Gel Press and roll on your favorite Golden Acrylic paint mixed with GAC-900.  This allows the paint to take on a subtle feel instead of being so stiff with the paint. Spread the paint onto the Gel Press and choose from your favorite stamps, stencils or wooden skewers to make marks.  I used a variety of stencils and stamps on this piece, and did a bit of free hand drawing with skewers at the same time.  I fancy the hombre look when applying the paint onto the Gel Press, so did some of that as well.

Step eight:  Get coffee. Let everything dry.  Keep going.

Step nine:  I like to free motion stitch, so at this time, I did a little of this here and there.

Step ten:  I added the ruffle and squealed.  LOVE IT!  I also added a label at this time, just because.  Who doesn't love a label?  Pockets cut from a short sleeved shirt and collar from the same shirt were also added.  OK then I sewed three random strips on the front from the shoulder line and also on the back from the opposite shoulder.  These were like little broken wings....sorta.

Step eleven:  I wanted to add a bit more paint, so I chose to stamp the ruffle with a flower design to match the flowers already in the vintage cloth.

Step twelve:  To set the paint, I ironed both sides of the frock with a non steam high heat setting.  I also threw it into the dryer for 10 minutes on high heat.  I won't wash it for a week.  All paint and ink should then be permanent.

Here are some close ups of the Gel Pressed fabric and the final fashion show of a tunic I am absolutely in love with wearing!

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Sally Lynn MacDonald said...

Wonderful! I need you in an animated 'twirl' in that lovely tunic! LOL.

Jen Crossley said...

it looks amazing Lynne as do you xx

Simply Pretty Stuff said...

Lol.... now who has that twirl neckkace???

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