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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Love And Lust Of A Decidedly New Relationship

   The Love And Lust Of A Decidedly New Relationship

By Lynne Suprock

Sometimes we feel change even before there is the subtlest notion of change.  It's like the breeze that swirls leaves along a path before gusts come in to signal the finale of a major season change.

I have a creative confession.  A change has decidedly begun, and the mere thought of it sends my heart to racing.  A new lust has made me weak in the knees.  Oh, what to do?  So many sighs.....

How many times have we asked ourselves "what if" or woke in the middle of the night, wondering what scenario was about to unfold?  How many of us are even comfortable with the notion of change?

This season is one of tantalizing change for me.  The path was forked and the choice would lead the way to a different direction... one of uncertainty, one of butterflies in the stomach, one of fulfilling the wants and needs of my inner child.... my wild child, complete with wide eyed wonder.

This will be a change in my relationship.  Not the relationship with my husband, mind you, but with the one like most artists have with their art.  There are things we are passionate about as artists.  That's why we do them, think about techniques, write processes, teach others and dream about the next creative process in our work.

For many years my creative process and the relationships with my art has taken me in one direction;  working with metals... cutting them, drilling them, soldering them, enameling them, and I've loved every minute of that journey.

However, the winds have come in and it is time for a change.  I seek a softness, a sense of wonder and an enlightenment that can only come from a choice of fabric, color, clay or paint, and I welcome the opportunity to use the tools that create and shape those things in that new arena.  I am woozy over linen or the notion of printing on linen.  Creating yummy, juice paper and substrate are the building blocks of some of my work, so why not actually explore more and make it my work?  I want to spend the day using all the presser feet attachments on my sewing machine and swirl all the colors of the rainbow on my palette before assigning them their place.  I want to rip, shred, gather and stroke in new media. The flow, the vibrancy, the twirl, and the tactile nature of what lies ahead has given pause for the flood gate of ideas to open wide, and allow a rush of projects and ideas to rush in.  I am giddy and lustful much like a girl in love, beginning a new relationship.  A sense of urgency is upon me on this new path.  And so, it begins.

Be patient with me as I grow and explore new things to fill my joyful heart.  Eventually, I hope to introduce my foundation in metal to my new love, so that together there will yet come the promise of an all inclusive art house, where the ideas and tools share the same space on the shelf, as well as in my heart, making my "art home" complete.

Let me begin in my next blog with a project that allows me to incorporate paint with fabric and a new way of looking at an old tunic that makes me smile, sing and dance.............................................


Cheryl Boglioli said...

I love this! It makes me want to sew again.

Deborah Apodaca said...

Wishing you great success in your new relationship with your art!

Sally Lynn MacDonald said...

This post fills me with so much joy!!!

Jen Crossley said...

So proud of you Lynne I love fabric,its more forgiving than metal.Im going to be watching you take this next journey with much love and hopefully be able to buy one of your amazing creations love Jen xx

ann barnes said...

I am so excited for you, I look forward to seeing where the tide takes you! Congratulations on your journey; all of these things make us the diverse creatures we are and allow our souls to fly free!

christygrant said...

Woo-hoo! You got this!

Simply Pretty Stuff said...

Thank you my friends and fellow creatives. Sometimes I think my head will just explode... lol.

Kim Collister Studio said...

Whatever you create will be fabulous! Looking forward to your new journeys!
Happy Creating!

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