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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heading South!

On the road again, this time to South Carolina in search of Jake!  This fabulous idea was inspired by Mike (seen in a recent blog... officiating) and in a few blinks, we were on our way, dodging ice storms and the like along the way.  Everyone is anxious to shake the winter blahs now and looking for some balmy weather. 

One of Mike's popular hangouts in South Beach Marina, South Carolina, is The Salty Dog Cafe.  There is a legend born there, about a dog, a dog named Jake.  His mug has become a heroic icon on many a tee shirt and cap.  So, down jackets and flannel pants aside, we search for warmth....and a little piece of Jake.

In celebration of Jake's memory, I designed my latest, Christmas Jake on an ornament, that I will be delivering to that Salty Dog crew. Simply Pretty.  Now, where did I pack that sunscreen?

Chase away your own winter blahs by taking a moment or two to discover more fun on my web site this week! 


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