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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enjoying Nature And...
Loving Temps in the 60's!

Lots to see and do in Hilton Head, SC even in the winter.  The beach inspires and rejuvenates, no matter the time of year.  Although there was work to do on this trip, there was also some time to relax.

I met up with some very cool gals at South Beach Marina who manage some of those Salty Dog shoppes.  Some fabulous simply pretty vintage style creations will be going south to grace display cases in a upscale shoppe called Ellie's 

As for for Jake........The special ornament I created now has a special home with the Salty Dog family.  A happy ending there.  Hoping to send a few more to keep that one company.  How could anyone not want a little Jake sparkle for Christmas?

I will be posting a little more info about Ellie's after I get back into that northern (burr.....) studio for some serious creating!!


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