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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Western Pennsylvanian Roots

This was the weekend dedicated to family back in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania.  We traveled the usual Rte 30 and took the PA turnpike for part of the way.  Its been the route taken for the past 20 plus years anyway, but there is always something that strikes me as different or new along each time we make the trek.

First stop was to Cranberry Township, where my sis and I took my mom out for a fun girl's day.  We ended up at the very new Giant Eagle Market in downtown Pittsburgh, as my mom loves to grocery shop!  The place sort of reminded my of a Whole Foods Store or a super duper style Wegmans.  They grow some of their own produce right in the store and there are fabulous handmade candies and Mmmm, the sorbet, to name a few of the things we sampled while shopping.


Sue~ Mom~ Moi

Notice the bacon package in the cart.  Ah, one of life's staples for this side of the family.

The next stop was in Ligonier, PA for a visit with Greg's family.  Football is on!
Here's the home grown official

Go Mike!

There was plenty of great food as it was Mike's official birthday weekend....arh arh arh.
and the official cook who supplied the feast?
Mimi, of course.


and more football viewed from the recliner would follow all the fun and food...



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go team go!

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