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Sunday, January 10, 2010

This purrrfect little girl came to our back door before Thanksgiving.  She sat and meowed and wanted so much to come inside.  As it became colder and the storms were upon us, we eventually let her inside for warmth and shelter.  Of course, this was not popular with our resident cats...nope.
She was a sweetie though, so we took her to The Clearview Animal Hospital to see our veterinarians who work very hard at keeping s all healthy.  She had a good check up and was already found to be....spade!!  This was good news.  Well, after a few weeks of  fostering this most affectionate girl, we found a very loving family for her.   My brother~in~law Curt and his wife, Sue, welcomed her into their home down in Mt Airy, MD.  Stephanie and Andrew, my neice and nephew, were eager to set her up there.  Steph named her Torii.  What a happy ending. Welcome home Torii!!


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