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Monday, June 11, 2012

Simply Pretty Stuff Finds In NYC

Inspiration Week In New York City

There are lots of things around us which inspire and awaken the inner child in all of us.  However, a trip to New York City always makes my inner child giddy!

This trip was for both business and pleasure.  However, as my business was also fun, I guess you could say the whole excursion was pretty exciting.
It began with a trip to the the site of where the twin towers once stood.  I had been in NYC about 3 months after the tragedy of 9/11, then  dozens times since.  It is so amazing to see the transformation and the new buildings which once again reach for the sky.

One of my work days included a visit to the Noble Desktop Publishing Group, down on Broadway, and near Max Brenner the Chocolate aka Chocolate by the Bald Guy in East Village.  I spent several hours trying to learn how to do flash banners and ads. 

 Since the left brain gets limited use in my right brain world, sitting still and paying attention to the sequencing throughout the session was a challenge.  Thanks to the ever patient instructor, George, a small miracle occurred in the room and exercises in simple Flash programming were mastered.  Love the NOBLE DESKTOP folks and all their hard work and dedication to learning and product promotion.

Now did I just mention Chocolate???  Mmmmm. I definitely suggest stopping at Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar for getting that rest of the day zen that only good chocolate can give.  Oh yeah, there is other good food too!

Oh yeah, and here are a few sidewalk inlays of friends and relatives ;)


During this trip I was also glad to meet up with friend, fellow collage and jewelry artist, and teacher, Isolina Perez at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  We had a hyperactive catch up at lunch and then she was kind enough to show me around the school.  Students learn a lot of skills, many in the jewelry lab.  I was pleased to see all the tools, chemicals, metals, etc. and marveled at all the available product and terrific work space.  Would love to teach a few of my workshops at the school or close by.  Will keep everyone posted as to where I might be teaching in NYC since some of you expressed interest already.

Now the business of supply purchases is always, in part, a scavenger hunt.  There are always things never seen before or new stores to explore for products.  This trip included visiting some tried and true places along with a couple of newly discovered gems.

The flea market at Hell's Kitchen is a great place for serious bartering and great finds.  I went there and then refreshed with food and beverage at the market there.  The underground architect of this tunneled warehouse was fascinating.  I am ashamed to say that in all the times that I had been in the city, I never really spent time at the market in Chelsea.  Fantastic and on my visit again list for sure!

Onward to find metal, of course, at Metalliferous, buttons at Lou Lou's Buttons, leather and feathers at M&J Trimmings and then found MOOD!  On 37th Street and 7th Ave, on the third floor fabric heaven exists!
The elevator ride up to MOOD was in a brass gated cage with a sweet older gentleman operating the levers.  I was in love with the elevator before even hitting the third floor......well, I found plenty of leather scraps for my little books.  Cannot wait to use them!!!!  Just look at the wall to wall and floor to ceiling!

love these too cute vintage chairs!  One could sit to rethink their fabric needs here!

Another new shop at 142 W.38th Street was East Coast Trimmings.  Owner Donna was very helpful and the store full of inventory.  Donna gives a 10% discount to student shoppers and lots of advice and helpful information.

Here are only a smidge of what was bought last week.......well, less than a smidge.  In total, I filled a LARGE purple duffel bag of goodies to bring back   :D

Can't wait until the next time I take that empty purple bag back to the city again!



Beth said...

So jealous of your trip! I have always wanted to go to NYC. It is my dream destination for sure! A chocolate bar?! Yes, Please!!!

Isolina Perez said...

Lynne it was awesome to spend time with you!!!! Thank you for my wonderful gift!!!

Good things brewing for you in NYC ;)

carolqn65 said...

Awesome blog LaLa......

carolqn65 said...

Great blog,,,,,,

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