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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Studio Addition

Fresh Air and No Wasps!

I am a bit on the allergic side when it comes to waspy things so although fresh air in the workspace is nice, hornets and yellow jackets flying about the studio were not so nice when the doors were wide opened.

I had forgot about this drive by find!  A steal for eight bucks and a bit of paint!  Of course, a certain kind man to fix the screening and assemble was also key to getting my dream come true phase one.  Phase two will undoubtedly involve this same man and hopefully another luck hardware find : )

The red rules, eh?  Of course, I pulled in my favorite color to match those wild and crazy roses further down the hill... of which you can't really see because they are totally lost in the background....
ha-ehmmmm.  love a safe breeze and flower smells.



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