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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonnie Wagner Sporting A Simply Pretty Stuff Original

California Girl Loves Simply Pretty Rings
And Belle Armoire

Bonnie and Doug Wagner now live in California.  They met up with me for a quick visit at the Ragged Edge Coffee shop, in Gettysburg, after visiting with family in York.  
Funny how small the world is....Bonnie and Doug were in London a few years back, staying in the same Hilton that hubby and I were staying.  We met in the lounge there and the immediate kinship between us that was so much fun and so very cool.  Finding out that they were from our own backyard in PA was unexpected.
Bonnie loves those shotgun shell rings that I have been creating.  We enjoyed my feature in Belle Armoire Jewelry over a bit of lunch time refreshment and catch up. 



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