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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Necklaces Go Green!!

Terrarium Bottle Necklaces!

I just spent some time, in between the rainy days, removing my wicked, wicked weeds from the nooks and crannies of my flower beds....

I love our outdoor spaces now.  Over the past dozen or so years, we planted many trees, carved out a few perennial beds, worked at two pond excavations, and got a patio going....

That said, it is a good place here now.  Birds everywhere, and of quite a variety.  'Twas not the case when we moved here.  We built smack on a barren piece of dirt with wetlands at the very bottom of the hill.  It was wonderful watching the transformation.  

I decided that I would put a piece of our green living space into a necklace, and liked it so much, I am going to do a lot more.  : )  

Today was also my interview about upcoming classes with Wendy from the ACAC.  I took this latest little terrarium with me to share on local TV.  Look for the clip here soon!



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