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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simply Pretty Stuff in Belle Armoire Jewelry, Summer 2012

Sum..Sum.. Summertime Is Almost Here

 As well as is the next issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine!  There are fabulous pieces again, but also a few wonderful items done collaboratively.  Editor Cynthia Levens, talked a bit about that in her thoughtful piece in this issue's "Letters From The Editor."

I have a few pieces in this issue as well.  I cannot wait for you to see!  Hints:  one has a part that would have made you blink....the other had been down and dirty!!  : )

Look for this next issue, due to hit the stands soon!



In the Light of the Moon said...

Just stopping in to say your work is wonderful!! Warmest Regards,Cat

Anonymous said...

Congrats Lynne!
I cannot wait to get the June issue and see your work featured there.
Have a great day!

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