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Monday, May 28, 2012

Snakes In A Bucket

The Snake Hunter

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Every creature wants a place to live, away from the dangers and hype of cosmopolitan central. But sometimes it doesn't always work out between nature and the homeowner. These reptile citizens were taking over the pond and causing a bit of trouble with the ecosystem (mainly fish fright).  We had to intervene.  As you can see, one waits it out and eventually snares five water snakes. Surely a solution could be for for everyone, so we took our bucket for a drive toward snake suburbia........

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a new use for the fishing rod

Five go several miles down the road to a natural pond


kbradseth said...

Eww, eww, eww. Here in Minnesota we don't have water snakes...except in my nightmares tonight! I love your shotgun shell bezels. I saw them in the magazine first and decided to stalk your blog a bit as a consequence.

Lynne said...

Thanks for your compliment on the rings. :)
There will be a few other things that I do showing up in June and in future publications. Specifically, shotgun shells will show up again in Jewelry Affaire either this fall or winter issue mixing fabric with metal. I also do workshops locally and for retreats like Art & Soul and Art-Is-You on the east coast. Hoping to move across the country with acceptance into other venues. Minnesota is quite a bit away.... I passed through once on my way to Canada for a fishing hiking expedition. Seems like a lifetime ago! Saw moose, bear, caught lake trout but NO SNAKES.... ;)

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