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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Classics Book Class

Precious Little Books And A Whole Lot of Fun
At The Charmed I'm Sure Studio

Can Jean Van Brederode throw the best create art retreats, or what??
Her studio is in the middle of the most peaceful surround....  The flowers, the forest, the birds and the woodland creatures great everyone who strolls down the winding path to her arrive at her marvelous studio entrance.  
Once inside, it is like a candy store for artists and inventors.  You will find allllll the Thompson glass supplies and a super duper enameling kiln.  There are drill presses and hammers, disc cutters and soldering irons.  All the acids and resists are shelved throughout and you will find the glitter, wool and beads tucked here and there, in between all kinds of prototypes and marvelous, marvelous, jewelry strewn about.
Gosh!  How wonderful it was to teach a whole day in Jean's studio!!  We had the most fun and the best lunch break ever (well, OK, the one at my studio with the gals was scrumptious too : )
There were 13 of us in all.  As instructor, I had the best position in the house as I was able to walk all around as I demo'ed.
The day was full of sharing and ew's and ah's as we completed all of our little classic book pendants and wore them home.  
Enjoy the view below!
Thank you girls for being great students!! 
Thank you Jean for being the best art hostess!!!!

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